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May 09, 2019 57 nations in the world aren't 'free,' says to Afghanistan. Islamist militants have undermined Afghanistan's planned framework of a unitary … The State of Freedom in Africa - Freedom Speech |

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Countries Without First Amendment Rights In the UK there is no very clear and concise document, such as the US Bill of Rights, that lays out the relationship between the citizens of the country and the state. Citizens of the UK have the freedom of expression, or speech, however it can be restricted to protect public interest. In the same clause as freedom LIFE WITHOUT FREEDOM No one elects high Party leaders, which arise from a struggle for power within the Party. And except for those parts of the economy, culture, and family over which its policy is being liberalized, there still is little that Chinese can do without Party permission. It allows virtually no freedom of speech or association.

YouTube is not a "public forum" that must guarantee users' rights to free speech, a US court has ruled. The case involved right-wing channel PragerU, which argued YouTube was infringing its rights

Europe’s Freedom of Speech Fail – Foreign Policy Jul 07, 2016 Limits on Freedom of Expression - Library of Congress The terms “freedom of speech” and “freedom of expression” as used in this report are interchangeable. Quotations in this summary were taken from the relevant country surveys. I. Limits on Public Speech. All countries surveyed appear to expressly recognize the right to freedom of speech as a constitutional or fundamental right. Lyrics containing the term: freedom of speech by country based upon freedom of speech Freedom of press, freedom of your own religion To make your own decision, now that's baloney Cause if I gotta play by your. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech A couple hundred years ago Between two countries on this earth Men fought and died to protect what shes worth Now shes not. Banned In The USA. 2 Live Crew.