Is it possible to hook up my ps3 without an ethernet cable

PS3™ | Ajustes de conexión a Internet (por cable) 1. Conecte un cable de Ethernet al sistema PS3™. 2. Seleccione (Ajustes) > (Ajustes de red).. 3. Seleccione [Ajustes de conexión a Internet]. Seleccione [Sí] cuando aparezca una pantalla de confirmación en la que se le informe de que va a ser desconectado de Internet. PS3 HAN - [VERY] Simple Way To Direct Connect PS3 To PC Jun 08, 2018 How To Connect PC To PS3 Together Directly via Ethernet Mar 21, 2018 | Ethernet Cables

Help please! PS3 won't connect to the internet (wired

Ethernet cable won't connect to ps3 | AVForums

The PS3 comes with a fairly long cable. What's really nice about the one that comes with your PS3 is that its a CAT6, which is a lot faster than a regular CAT5 networking cable.

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