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Free Internet Eraser 4.0 Description: Free Internet Eraser is an Internet Eraser software that protects your Internet privacy by permanently erase internet history and past computer activities. Even though, many of the tasks can be performed manually, Free Internet Eraser can automate this process for you. How To Delete All Internet History on the iPhone Nov 12, 2018 Does CCleaner PERMANENTLY delete history? | Yahoo Answers Jul 24, 2009 permanently delete internet history tutorial Nov 21, 2011

Jul 10, 2020

How To Delete All Internet History on the iPhone

Usually, every internet browser has a feature to erase internet history manually. When you go through this option, the browsing history will be deleted but there are some drawbacks. The browsing information still remains even after you delete the file containing internet activities.

At the bottom of the History pane, tap Clear, then select 'The last hour', 'Today', 'Today and yesterday' or 'All time'. You can also delete individual entries: swipe to the left across a URL