Google Censored: The German-French Consummate Proofs of

Still it was censored, whereas hard-core "conspiracy theory" pages remained on Google. Why, is a good question. On this note, if it was censored because "the truth hurts", it … Google Plans For a Censored Search Engine In China : NPR Aug 02, 2018 Google censored search results after bogus copyright claims May 16, 2020 Google Censors, Shadowbans, and Blacklists Alternative

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Google search is absolutely terrible and censored now

Jun 22, 2016

Google "Censors" Porn in Image Search Dec 13, 2012 Chrome Censored - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome Chrome Censored censors inappropriate words/terms on the interweb by filling them in with flowery replacements. While replacement words may be humorous, none are inappropriate; so this a great alternative to parental blocking in the browser.