The month of June always has 30 days, and we have included the following events and holidays on our June calendar - Flag Day (get your colors out!), Father's Day (perfect for a cookout) and the first day of summer (a legal holiday in Iceland!). June 2020 Calendar. June 2021 Calendar. June 2022 Calendar.

Western-Chinese Calendar Converter The calendar system currently in use by the United States and much of the world is the Gregorian calendar. This calendar, based upon the length of the Earth's revolution around the Sun (and hence called a solar calendar) was instituted in October 15, 1582 AD by Pope Gregory XIII as a reform to the previously used Julian calendar. Der Juche-Kalender - Nordkorea-Information Juche calendar in Korea Pyongyang, May 22, 1998 (KCNA) — The Juche calendar is used in Korea as a new chronological notation. The use of the newly instituted Juche calendar from 1997 is a great event in the 5,000-year history of Korean nation. It is a revolutionary calendar fundamentally different from the old calendars in content, nature and

A calendar is a tool for organizing days. People use calendars to say when something happened, and for planning things that have not happened yet. The calendar gives the days names and numbers, called calendar dates.The dates are usually made based on how things in the sky seem to move. The year and month are based on motions of the Sun and moon.By knowing what day something happened or will

The North Korean government and associated organizations use a variation of the Gregorian calendar with a Juche yearbased on April 15, 1912, C.E., the date of birth of Kim Il-sung, as year 1. There is no Juche year 0. The calendar was introduced in 1997. Months are unchanged from those in the standard Gregorian calendar.

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